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Now two locations

Our birthplace, our spiritual home. 85 Doggett Street is where it all began for us on a balmy night back in December 2013...

Doggett Street, Newstead

In between a rock and a hard place in Milton sits our production brewery and pub. Opened in March 2017, 67 Castlemaine Street is the perfect alternative location. Are you game?

Castlemaine Street, Milton

About Us

The Newstead Brewing Co

Newstead Brewing Co was born in a 1940s steel warehouse that was built by Skennars coaches. The warehouse was given a new lease when transformed into the Doggett Street Studio in the 1980s. A combination of bus and artistic flare gives the site a wonderfully tranquil, comfortable vibe with lashings of industrial robustness. We have done very little to spruce it up, keeping the original elements as much as possible, with some modern necessities and large shiny tanks.

A short jaunt across the city to Milton and you'll find our production brewery and pub on Castlemaine Street. With a more contemporary feel to the place, our food, wine and beer offerings are similar to that at our spiritual Newstead home...and the tanks are a lot larger and a little bit shinier.

The Brewers

Newstead is the confluence of energy and ideas from lots of perspectives...

Kerry Claydon - Intelligence, humility and joy don't begin to capture the enigma of Dr Kerry Claydon. After excelling in multiple fields, Kerry was drawn to brewing for the pure fun and excitement of the process. While attaining the heights of both the major brewing corporations in Australia was an incredible learning experience, Kerry became disillusioned with the intrinsic nature of the oligopoly. In stepped the craft beer movement and Kerry found her raison d'etre, while the movement found a champion. Kerry is as at ease chatting to beer nerds as she is protozoans. A woman for all seasons, as Head Brewer she heralds as much science as passion for the Newstead team.

Jarrett Bravo - A world traveller and resident vagabond, Jarrett melds a strong work ethic with creativity. Years working in hostels and hotels has garnered life experience and patience, matched to a love of the UK brewing style. Jarrett has applied himself superbly on both sides of the bar, becoming an important translator into the brewing world. After long stints at home-brewing, followed by self directed assistant brewing Jarrett has stepped up to become the Senior Brewer at the Doggett St brewery.

Simeon Bonetti - In conjunction with an excellent brewing pedigree Sim is also an excellent human. Passionate about social justice, equality and encouraging everyone to enjoy good beer, Sim has a knack for challenging expectations while making you feel at ease. Previous roles as Head Brewer for Brisbane Brewing Co and store man at Brewer's Choice place him in excellent stead as Brewer at the new Milton plant. An award winning brewer, Sims value lies in his huge heart and desire to push the boundaries of flavour and process.

Tim Goulding - Tim may be the world's greatest dad but he's also Newstead's greatest flavourprenure. A man of principal and suspect musical choice, Tim personifies the axioms of Newstead Brewing Co. After years applying his passion of excellent coffee manufacture Tim became a purveyor of excellent beer at The Scratch bar. Home-brewing got serious and Australia's highest rated Gypsy brand, Brewtal Brewing, was created. A hard worker, insufferably humble and understated, Tim dishes sage advice and sick burns in the same breath. You'll see Tim high-fiving the other brewers at Doggett St.

Bertrand Koelln - As solid as the ground he walks on, Bertrand (aka Bertrad) has become a sure and steady asset to the team. A background in biology and industrial chemistry lends itself naturally into a mindset of critical thinking and control. Bertrand has an easy grace, a quick laugh and a measured word. A blank slate when it comes to brewing but an eagerness and passion that can't be taught.

Mark Howes - Does that dude even work here anymore?

Since Before the Flood, Newstead Brewing Co has been in the pipeline (or out of it) for a number of years. Newstead Brewing is the brainchild of the Howes clan (Peter, Heather and Mark) and Michael Conrad forging an unlikely but surprisingly useful pairing of science, fine dining and HR. Michael has owned and run many exceptional venues, such as Restaurant Two and Bistro Three. Peter and Heather started their own small HR business in 1982, which sold to a global brand in 2010. Mark likes beer.

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