Wings Mondays at Milton

Don't get yourself in a flap, we know we're good at winging it...

Don’t get yourself in a flap, we know we’re good at winging it. This is why we’re dedicating every Monday from 5pm to the beloved chicken wing – at our pub on Castlemaine Street, Milton.

We’ll have our regular Buffalo Wings and Honey Soy Wings available but better still we’ll be featuring a ‘Wing of the Month’ too (that’s why that third bowl below is empty. Geddit?).

Up first for the month of April our ‘Wing of the Month’ will be Katsu, Ginger & Lime Wings.

Peckish? Good. Wings Mondays will see three meal deals that’ll ruffle your feathers.

10 wings + schooner of beer $15

15 wings + schooner of beer $20

1kg of wings + jug of beer $35

Dare to enjoy. Don’t be chicken.