There’s More To The Story…

Polar Opposite Tropical Sour 3.8% abv

Take two steps forward, or two back, it’s in our opposite that we attract. Symbiotic juxtapositions; a sweet and sour sauce, a bittersweet tale or just a gentle dipole moment. It was Paul’s Polar Perfections that revolutionised cold milk distribution in the warm subtropics of South Brisbane in the 1930s, delivered by those who graciously performed their “societal duties”. There’s no milk products here though, just an honest Tropical Sour.

Utilising Lactic Acid Bacteria from non-dairy sources, we soured the beer prior to fermentation. Tropical hops add fruitiness to a light, malt palate, while the tangy, acidic finish is vibrant and refreshing. An un-beery beer, built for the summer but revitalising all year round.


Windmill Dry Stout 4.5% abv

Australia’s oldest windmill built in a windless location – good ol’ Aussie ingenuity. A dry sense of humour may hold these days but belies a brutal past. Social reappropriation, timekeeper, TV broadcaster – good for almost any application except that for which it was built. Dark and mild it stands, an ominous token of our torturous past but a hope for reinvigoration. A Dry Stout, designed for the tropics, what a bizarre idea!

Pepper, chocolate and mint driven over a light bitterness and dry finish. A big aroma of dark beer leads to a surprisingly light body and quick finish. Perfect for the deep “winter” in July, or equally, the height of humidity in February.

Liquidambar Red Ale 5.5% abv

Every now and then, against the odds, something surprisingly different takes a hold and confounds the critics; like electric scooters, or sushi. Sometimes it holds on so hard it changes a place forever. Real beer has put down roots in this town, squeezing its way up between the cracks in the global-brewing pavement, and casting a lot more shade than predicted. Like its deciduous namesake, this Red Ale has bloomed again.

Hops and malt; a simple combination with an infinite array of outcomes. Here, malt depth, driven by toasted and caramel malts, is applied to a citrus and pine-y hop load, resulting in an intriguing interplay of dried fruits, toffee and rich cocoa.

Heartacre Double India Pale Ale 8.2% abv

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, a deep-seeded longing, knowing things aren’t quite what they should be. Then suddenly a seismic shift, forged from the wings of a butterfly, led by cultural revival. Ninety-nine acres of land, nutrients for growth and there you have it – A new New World City. The World Expo ’88 transformed our fair city into what it is today, while this Double IPA similarly evolves our core range into something equally special.

Hops, hops and hops. Grapefruit and mandarin dominate the aroma, backed by pine, passionfruit and freshly cut grass. Citrus and stone fruits flood the palate, with a firm bitterness that lingers. A true celebration of hops.