Tapped into Independence

"To partner with other breweries to increase the flavour collective at Milton is an exciting expedition..."

Newstead Brewing Co was founded on the principles of Quality and Community. Two innocuously ambiguous terms, which can be potent when executed well. And while we haven’t always achieved such execution, we make many small decisions that can snowball into a precipitous avalanche of outcomes.

Once such decision has been executed this week, which allows Newstead Brewing Co to get back to its roots of just good beer. From today, we turn over 12 of our 32 taps at our Castlemaine Street, Milton venue to other breweries, in a ‘Brewery in Residence’ program.

As our Sales Manager grimaces with a weary smile, I fail to think of a decision that could have a more potent consequence for Newstead. We were built on the concept of promoting all things good beer, including grouse offerings from other breweries. Way back in 2014, I began a program called the ‘Tuesday Tap Take-over’, giving four of our 12 taps at our Doggett Street brewpub to a rotating agenda of local breweries. This new residency program takes that concept and develops it into a proper secondment in the Newstead heartland. Here, we give over 10 taps to a different brewery, for a whole month, every month. The final two taps will see a dedicated Aether Brewing ginger beer tap and a Willie Smith’s cider tap. Aether have been good friends ever since they set up just down the road, and they make a cracking ginger beer. Willie Smiths make the best cider in Australia, in my opinion.

Our goal is simple; we want to be the most impactful independent beer venue in Brisbane. To give a platform that showcases the raison d’être of like-minded, passionate beer folk is a privilege, and one we hold dear. Expect to see cycles of breweries from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and around the world. The only criteria to be showcased at Newstead are to be independent and to love beer. Also, expect to see the guest Brewers themselves around the haunts of Castlemaine Street, as a few collaboration beers and exciting events are already in the pipework.

This week we kick-off the ‘Brewery in Residence’ program with our beer krush, KAIJU! Beer.

KAIJU! Beer have played a large part in the Newstead Brewing Co story, with the founders of both breweries meeting at beer school, and Kaiju! being Newstead’s first collaborators at both our Doggett Street and Castlemaine Street facilities. Kaiju! make monster beers, with a geeky, fastidious approach to flavours.

At Newstead Brewing Co, we know we don’t have all the answers. We don’t make all the flavours (especially bloody NEIPAs), and we don’t monopolise beer experience. To partner with other breweries to increase the flavour collective at Milton is an exciting expedition, one which will enhance the experience of our locals, improve our own beer horizons, and promote the fine work of others. Literally, putting our money where our mouth is, for community.

Mark Howes, CEO.