Tap Residency

What is a Tap Residency? Let us explain

I really love the beer that brewers Mark, Jarrett and Gavin create. In my beery and humble opinion, the core range of beers are six stellar representations of their styles; fresh, vibrant and delicious. On top of that, the guys are constantly pushing themselves by releasing single batches, collaborations, seasonal and gypsy brews. I consider myself very lucky to come to work and get handed a sample of the latest barrel fermented, bretted pale ale.

Even with all of these Newstead Brewing Co. options I, like most craft beer drinkers, am always looking forward to trying the next thing; the latest beer from the newest brewery. At the venue we have a varying amount of taps dedicated to pouring beers from other breweries. We have these to support other breweries, offer variety to our customers and to keep our own curious palates satisfied.

Every week for the past year we’ve been doing The Tuesday Tap Takeover – a weekly three to four tap takeover showcasing beers from a different brewery. Sometimes though, a week just wasn’t long enough. As a result, The Tuesday Tap Takeovers are now done. Cue the Tap Residency.

What is a Tap Residency?

For a period of time, we’ll have a few taps dedicated to another brewery. “For how long?” you ask. Well, it depends on the brewery. Some breweries have a lot of beer to offer, some only a few. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity for us to showcase another brewery in our own. It also gives you, the beer drinker, an opportunity to come in and try various beers from a brewery you might not have heard of before.

Basically, next time you visit Newstead Brewing Co you’ll also be visiting a snapshot of another brewery. We’ll be rotating through both core ranges and specialty beers in order to give you the best possible cross section. We’ll also have some reading material about the breweries and if you’re super lucky, we’ll even plan some events around the residencies.

To kick us off, we’ve got inner-west Sydney legends Batch Brewing Co. We’ve got eight different beers to get through so come on down and get into it!

Jim Gold.