QLD Container Deposit Scheme

"Newstead Brewing Co has chosen not to pass on the cost of the CDS to customers."

On Thursday 1st November 2018, the Queensland Government initiates its Container Deposit Scheme (CDS). The burden of the cost for the scheme, correctly, lies with the manufacturers of liquids that go into waste containers.

It is a great initiative, with Queenslanders being amongst the nation’s worst recyclers. It is complete garbage (intended) that winemakers are excluded from the scheme, but that does not mean beer manufacturers should shrug off the obligation for sustainability. The beverage industry is responsible for a significant proportion of waste and we have an ethical obligation to improve our sustainability.

Newstead Brewing Co has chosen not to pass on the cost of the CDS to customers. Newstead would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to sound waste management and sustainability. We have now reached a point where most of our brewery waste goes to local, independent farmers, including our yeast waste, with only a small amount of chemical waste generated on site. We are investing in solar panels to reduce our reliance on delivered energy and are partnering with university groups to look at some really amazing and unique uses for transforming our waste.

We have chosen to bear the burden of the CDS because we believe, as a waste generating organisation, we have an obligation to the people of Queensland to be the best stewards of the resources at our disposal. We love our great state, and hope that we can pass on the wonder of our environment to future generations.

Mark Howes, Chief Executive Officer

Newstead Brewing Co.