Polar Opposite – Tropical Sour 3.8%

Take two steps forward, or two back, it’s in our opposite that we attract. Symbiotic juxtapositions; a sweet and sour sauce, a bittersweet tale or just a gentle dipole moment. It was Paul’s Polar Perfections that revolutionised cold milk distribution in the warm subtropics of South Brisbane in the 1930s, delivered by those who graciously performed their “societal duties”. There’s no milk products here though, just an honest Tropical Sour.

Utilising Lactic Acid Bacteria from non-dairy sources, we soured the beer prior to fermentation. Tropical hops add fruitiness to a light, malt palate, while the tangy, acidic finish is vibrant and refreshing. An un-beery beer, built for the summer but revitalising all year round.

24 x 375mL cans.