[HOPTIONS] Single Hops Pack #2 and #3 – 6.5%

We created four hops from four of the world’s biggest hop growing regions. Each was incredibly unique in its flavour profile, and, together they were fantastic examples of how modern brewers are approaching hop character.

To make things a bit more interesting, we kept the details of the four hops secret! You told us your favourites and we listened. #2 and #3 are available to purchase separately. Hop #2 Nectaron, is a crowd pleaser, and it’s not hard to see why… zippy, dense, earthy, tropical and some tar with a persistent acidity in finish. Hop #3 Eclipse is fresh, clean, resinous with some delicious malt flavours coming through. In our opinion, it’s a great one for summer! Enjoy it’s smooth and full finish at home.


Carton 16 cans x 250ml