A confluence of old and new, old world style malt bill and mash techniques pair with New Zealand hops to provide a vibrant and crisp finished product. The lightly kilned malted barley and a traditional decoction style mash provide a subtle bready sweetness but ferments dry giving a crisp drinkability. This is complimented by the judicious use of whole cone New Zealand hops that give a restrained herbaceous bitterness and a beautiful lime citrus, floral, fresh aroma. The use of whole cone hops, adds some difficulties in logistics and handling but repays these inconveniences with a complexity and depth of flavour. The reduced processing of the hops can mean more volatile oils remain and the intact structure of the flower effects the flavour imparted to the beer.

At 5.0% ABV this beer is beautifully balanced and remains both refreshingly drinkable and flavoursome.


24 x 375mL Carton