Artistic translation through exploratory beer.

With Newstead always being passionate about art and our Doggett St brewpub previously being Doggett Street Studio, creating a collaborative series of art and beer felt like a natural evolution.

Vivid, joyous and with just a little bite.

We were delighted to partner with Stephen Mok, (Doggett Street Studio artist alum) and the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art for the second installation in the Art Series.

Stephen Mok’s work is a brilliant ray of colour that catches the eye and then makes you look twice.

Inspired by the vibrant and exuberant character of the art, this Sunshine Sour is no different.

A bright splash that catches your attention, a cavalcade of citrus and passionfruit aromas that shine from the glass and give way to a shockingly refreshing finish and then a twang that makes you look a little closer.


16 x 500mL Carton