A long story short – Strong Wheat Ale 7.2%

Many Brewers would consider using 100% wheat malt a dumb choice, and they’re not wrong. We even broke the later tun and had to shut down production for a few days. Friendships were tested, limits were pushed but what resulted is something truly unique. We even chucked it in some Old Forester bourbon barrels for good measure. Its a cacophony of oak, vanilla, raisins, chocolate and coconut.

A Long Story is a tribute to building the longest cantilevered bridge in Australia, excavating 40 metres underground, running a hospital for ‘the bends’ and building straight into a cliff face is a daunting task for even the most daring of Bradfields. A feat of Brisbane ingenuity and guts, in the midst of the Great Depression, The Story Bridge is the bold and striking big brother of the Brisbane riverscape.


16 x 250mL

A Long Story Short +