3 Quarter Time – Session IPA 3.4%

They were simpler days, when Mondays weren’t mad and a refreshing ale would get you through a tough half. Just ask Mick Nolan. At over 120 kg and 194 cm, Mick, the Galloping Gasometer, was a VFL legend. When Mick moved to Brisbane and coached the Mayne Tigers to a QFL premiership in 1982 we knew we had a stayer. Giving up at half time was never an option… Just like this Session Ale; tactical endurance matched with iconic refreshment.

Mid-strength beer can be tasty, you just gotta add hops. Passionfruit in the aroma, followed by flavours of lychee, white peach and lemon, its flavoursome and full. Balanced by a malt sweetness and a decent bitterness, you’d almost be forgiven for thinking it’s a real beer.

24 x 375mL cans.