Our Canbassadors

A couple of months ago, Facebook told us these guys were some of our Top Fans – friends of Newstead.

We prefer to call them our Canbassadors. But they’re more than that. They’re part of the family. The family of Newstead.


Michael, Our 3 Quarter Time Session Ale Canbassador

Michael has a bit of history with Newstead Brewing Co. Not only did Michael play AFL in the same Mayne Tigers team as Mick Nolan – the inspiration for the name of the beer – but his daughter Amber used to work behind the bar at Doggett St back in the early days.

Adrian and Alex, our Out & a Bout Pale Ale Canbassadors

Adrian and Alex have been firm mates for ages. Adrian described Alex as being “his twin” to us they’re that alike. Cue us being very confused they didn’t look the same when we saw them….

We also found out Adrian went to school with our CEO, Mark Howes, and was involved in some of the Pint of Science events we hosted at Castlemaine St this year.


Jamie, Our Two to the Valley IPA Canbassador

Jamie has been a fan since before the flood. Since day one. Before day one. He loves nothing more than a bit of sportsball and his pre game and post game Newsteads. He’s also a fan of our Ale-y Oop, Brisbane Bullets beer – but that’s not quite as punchy as our IPA.


These beers are available daily in both our brewpubs on tap, and cans to take away. You can also buy online through our store.

We want you to enjoy our beer no matter where you are though. So use our handy product locator to find your nearest pub or venue or bottle-o (can-o?) that ranges our 375ml cans.