New Chef, New Menu, Newstead

If you swing by 'Oldstead' from May, you’ll notice some changes to our food offerings...

If you swing by ‘Oldstead’ (our original Newstead brewery on Doggett Street) from May, you’ll notice some changes to our food offerings. A huge part of this change is down to the implementation of a new head chef and I’m proud to introduce Taita Olsen into the role.

Tai and I used to work together at Four Hearts Brewing in Ipswich so you’re in good hands with this whole beer and food thing…but that’s only one of the many skills that she brings to the table.

Tai spent some time in Sydney developing her skills as a chef by studying an advanced diploma in culinary arts at the William Blue Hospitality Collage. Once she was let loose into the world of cooking, Tai worked her way up to head chef at Delicado Foods cooking Spanish cuisine in the form of tapas. After honing her chops in Sydney, Tai moved to Hayman Island to cook in a more laid back environment – with a kitchen full of chefs from around the world an international influence of cooking styles were shared amongst chefs.

In 2016, Tai and I met at Four Hearts; a busy, new and exciting venue catering to locals who were crying out for a local, quality food and beverage offering. Four Hearts was an awesome venue that captured the imagination and hearts of the locals.

Before joining Newstead, Tai also ran Evolve Organics which prompted a journey down the road of local, organic produce and creating healthy yet delicious food for people. The queues of folk clamouring for her food were constantly out the door.

Under Tai’s guidance, Doggett Street’s new food offering is dead simple: quality and delicious. You’ll still be able to get a hand-made chicken parmy, a masterfully cooked steak or our house buffalo wings but there’s also a slew of delicious vego and vegan options (Mushroom & Blackbean Burger with a side of Eggplant Chips anyone?) plus many other seasonal treats.

Take a squiz at the new menu HERE and be sure to say g’day to Tai next time you’re in. 

Jim Gold, Venue Manager, Doggett Street