NBCo Beer Tokens

To commemorate our second birthday on December 7 – as well as the launch of our new website – we’re releasing a few hundred of these little critters out into the wild…and encouraging you to have a beer on us.

You might find yourself with a Newstead Brewing Co Beer Token in the very near future. What will you do? Well, some tokens will no doubt inevitably be kept in your pocket, at home on the dresser, in a desk at your place of work – heck, some may even get a little hole drilled into them and find themselves on a string around folk’s necks. Cool.

Not cool.

The best thing to do with one of our Beer Tokens is to meander into the brewery and approach the bar where the Tokens will instantly become legal tender with a redemption value of one schooner of a core range beer or cider.

That’s right…have a beer on us.