NEWS: Making Tracks

We go full steam ahead with Queensland Rail Travel...

We’re stoked to announce that we’ve gone full steam ahead with Queensland Rail Travel as customers on board their long distance train services, Spirit of the Outback and Spirit of Queensland, will find our 3 Quarter Time Session Ale and The Mayne Thing Golden Ale available for selection on the food and beverage menu in 375ml cans.

Queensland Rail Travel strives to support local Queensland businesses and offer a wide range of locally sourced produce on board their rail services. Spirit of the Outback departs Brisbane’s Roma Street station twice a week as it embarks on its 26 hour, 1,325 kilometre trek to Longreach while the Spirit of Queensland travels the coast between Brisbane and Cairns five days a week.

We reckon sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a cold Newstead while taking in the breathtakingly dramatic scenery and rugged terrain along the journey is just the ticket.

Keeping us on the right track, Queensland Rail Travel’s Manager Onboard Product Strategy, Luke Finter, says  “We’re thrilled to include Newstead Brewing Co products on our services. We believe it will add to the ‘Queensland experience’ for our customers during their journey.”

Newstead Brewing Co’s Brand Ambassador, Darren Magin, echoed Mr Finter’s statement saying “We are proud to have our roots in Queensland and to see the availability of our beer – which is produced right here in the heart of Brisbane – on board these magnificent trains is fantastic. We hope that our inclusion provides a platform for QRT’s customers to enjoy a heightened Queensland experience.

We’re thrilled to have the support of an iconic rail company such as Queensland Rail. To witness such an institution willing to express a desire to break the mould by offering products from a local, independent brewery is huge. There’s no tunnel vision so hats off to them.”

For more details on Spirit of the Outback and Spirit of Queensland hit up the Queensland Rail Travel website.