Humulus Olfactory Project: BREWDAY


With an idea for consistency, I tried to brew the beers as close to each other as possible. So brewday was four brews, over two days. The little system at Doggett St is manual but easy to use. With four fermenters, it was the ideal set-up to try this project. The brews went very smoothly, with mash temperatures, pH and gravity all coming within 3% of each of the other brews, so I was pretty happy with that, for a manual system. We mashed at 64oC to dry the beer out, and let the hops shine. All the beers got a hop addition at 10 minutes before End of Boil, Whirlpool, Day Zero and Day 6/7 Dry Hop, for a broad expression of these hops. Day Zero was 3gL-1, while Day 6/7 was 10gL-1. I had to alter the amount of hops added to the boil, to try and garner the same bitterness for each brew. Some of the hops were very high in alpha-acids, like HPA-016, while some were very low, like Zappa. So I had to use more Zappa in the boil, to get the same bitterness as the HPA-016.

The raw hops smelt incredible. All unique but the one that really stood out at this stage was Zappa. It had a real blackcurrant and ripe cherry character that I had never experienced before.

Weighing up the hops


BRY97 is a great performer, it chewed through the beer at a steady state, taking 6-7 days for primary fermentation. The second, hearty dry hop as added at this point, and the tanks left to clear hop creep and VDK.