Newstead Brewing’s HOPTION Challenge

Humulus Olfactory Project

So you think you know your craft beers? A true craft connoisseur of sorts, that can distinguish the smallest of differences from between brew ingredients. Well, we at NBCo, decided that we could have a bit of fun with this and conduct a little experiment as well. Setting the 2020 HOPTIONS Challenge to determine if anyone, even our brewers, are up to scratch when identifying a change within a standard craft brew.

Not being bound by travel restrictions we have pulled together a globally diverse collection of hops to compete in a battle of the taste buds competition. We have selected two of the classics, the tried and tested, and placed them up against two of the younger hops that are rising in the market.

Take a punt and submit your best guess to be part of an opportunity to win great prizes (well we think they are reasonable alright prizes). You could be taking home a selection of Newstead finest brews, exclusive Newstead merchandise and the bragging rights for knowing your hops.

For the home brewer and the dedicated beer drinker come forth to compete in the final challenge of 2020 from Newstead Brewing Co, we present the HOPTIONS CHALLENGE!

Learn more about the Humulus Olfactory Project (HOPS) that created these beers in our blog.


Meet the Hops

If you are a little lost about the difference of the hop and need a bit of hint, we have added some notes on the hops used.

Eclipse® HPA-016

An Australian Hop that is described as bursting with sweet mandarin, citrus peel and fresh pine needles.


Zappa hailing from New Mexico (mostly) is described as having unique spiciness, coupled with full-on mango, backed by sharp citrus, delightful savoury and strong deciduous pine characteristics.


A German hop that is described as providing blackberries, blackcurrant, peach, pear and tropical fruits.

Nectaron® HORT4337

Delivered from New Zealand it has been described to display high levels of tropical fruit characters of pineapple and passionfruit as well as peach and grapefruit.


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The HOPTIONS 4 are not just available on tap at Newstead Brewing Co venues but you can also take home the experience by ordering online. Test your mates and see who comes out on top to be able to say that they truly know their hops!

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Competition Dates

The competition commences on Monday, November 2nd, 2020.

Entries close on Sunday, January 31st, 2021 unless sold out sooner.


Terms and Conditions

Read the full terms and conditions online: Terms and conditions for the hoptions competition