NEWS: Family Ties

Today marks an historic shift in the corporate providence of Newstead Brewing Co.

Today marks an historic shift in the corporate providence of Newstead Brewing Co.

As well as reiterating our commitment to independence, and being 100% Brisbane brewed, Newstead today becomes 100% family owned and operated. With no faceless investors, corporate boards, or international ownership, Newstead can unreservedly affirm its commitment to community and quality. Sustainability, local engagement and the promotion of good beer, responsibly consumed, are far more important to us than pure wealth creation or profitability.

Australia was founded within the framework of small family businesses. Societal constructs that we hold dear; creative freedom, hard work and its appropriate compensation, collaborative decision making, community engagement and excellence have all thrived under this paradigm. The corporatisation of consumer goods has more often than not led to the degradation of at least one of these elements.

Six and a half years ago, Newstead Brewing Co was conceived in the Howes family household. The same house where Peter and Heather Howes created their small business in 1982. Mum and Dad, while being generous to a fault, also provided Michael Conrad with an incredible opportunity to come onboard as a director and shareholder. Over the years Michael’s vision for Newstead grew apart from my own, to a point where we both agreed his involvement in Newstead was no longer tenable. I would also like to take this opportunity to reaffirm Newstead’s outward looking focus in the promotion of community and good beer.

Michael Conrad has officially stepped down as a director and shareholder of Newstead Brewing Co and is no longer an employee.

Dr Mark Howes

CEO, Newstead Brewing Co.