‘A Long Story’ Wheat Strong Ale Launch

  • May 28
  • 6pm
  • $80
  • 67 Castlemaine Street, Milton, QLD 4064.

Join us on Tuesday 29th May for the launch of our bourbon barrel aged wheat strong ale, A Long Story. It’s our second special batch out of Milton…and a rather special beer and whiskey dinner to boot. We’ll be hosting you inside the brewery. Yeah, that part of the building that’s usually off-limits to punters.

Rocking up at 6pm for a 6.30pm start, you’ll be greeted by canapes and beer upon arrival and then chaperoned to your table that will be positioned alongside some of the shiniest stainless in Brissie.

One long table, one Long Story.

Four expertly paired courses of beer, whiskey and food will ensue including the unveiling of A Long Story.

You will be guided through each course by our brewers, chef and a representative from Brown Forman – distributors of Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey which played an important barrel aging role in A Long Story.

Tickets available HERE.


Here’s the short version of A Long Story…

Building the longest cantilevered bridge in Australia, excavating 40 metres underground, running a hospital for ‘the bends’ and building straight into a cliff face is a daunting task for even the most daring of Bradfields. A feat of Brisbane ingenuity and guts, in the midst of the Great Depression, The Story Bridge is the bold and striking big brother of the Brisbane riverscape.

Many Brewers would consider using 100% wheat malt a dumb choice, and they’re not wrong. We even broke the lauter tun and had to shut down production for a few days. Friendships were tested, limits were pushed but what resulted is something truly unique. We even chucked it in some Old Forester bourbon barrels for good measure. Its a cacophony of oak, vanilla, raisins, chocolate and coconut.

You always go full Newstead.