Fresh Eleanor Harvest Ale Launch

Join us for the launch of our first ever special batch brewed on the big gear at Milton – Fresh Eleanor Harvest Ale. It’s a 3-dayer…

Wed 11th Apr – Grab a ‘can in yer hand’ within seconds of Fresh Eleanor rolling off the canning line. Fresh is best right? Well, there’s no fresher beer than a beer that’s just been born. Your ticket includes a tour of our Milton brewery, food and a cold, fresher than fresh can of Fresh Eleanor in the palm of your hand straight off the line. **TIX ARE NOW SOLD OUT**

Thur 12th Apr – Couldn’t make it last night? Fear not. Our mates at Sasquatch Bar, The Mill on Constance and Archive Beer Boutique will be simultapping one day old Fresh Eleanor at 4pm. There’ll be a Newie crew present at each bar to chew the fat (and hops). Get in.

Fri 13th Apr – Unlucky for some. But not for you if you happen to be at either of our Doggett Street or Castlemaine Street breweries. There’s a Brewer’s Shout from 4pm til 7pm where our Brewers will shout you your first schooner of Fresh Eleanor with no questions asked. Well, actually, you can ask them whatever you want (shouting back at them is optional).

Fresh Eleanor…

It doesn’t take a university graduate to realise there are many ways to build a bridge. With solar powered lighting and access only to pedestrians and public transport, the Eleanor Schonell or “Green Bridge” is a young but loved addition to the Brisbane riverscape. Like its namesake, this fresh hop ale is a unique yarn on a classic tale. Simple, natural and socially conscious.

Hop harvest comes but once a year; you can tell as brewers around the country huddle in corners, whispering sweet nothings to handfuls of suspicious, sticky cones. A few weeks ago two Newstead Brewers flew down to the Australian hop fields in Victoria, picked up 100kg of fresh Galaxy hops and drove back to our Milton brewery in 28 hours. We used a super pale malt bill, fermented clean with neutral yeast, allowing the fresh hops to tell their story.

Hops nature’s way, get over it.