Driven By Beer

Meet the newest oldest member of our team - is it our old ute or a new van?

Those of you that hang out at the brewery will likely have seen our old Toyota Hilux ute parked outside on more than one occasion. You may have even seen it driving around Brisbane. If you’ve hung around Doggett Street too often you will have witnessed the Brewers scream obscenities at it when it fails to start (which is regularly). The old thing has seen better days that’s for sure yet it has well and truly earned a place as a legitimate member of our team.

After every brew we winch the spent grain up onto the ute’s tray and off it chugs to the farm where the cows recognise the noise and the oxidised paint job…and then start running towards it. They’ve become familiar enough with it to know there’s a sweet treat in store.

With an edge of unreliability creeping into our logistics we made a big call. We semi-retired the old thing. We haven’t quite put it out to pasture with the cows but it no longer carries our deliveries. For the day-to-day lugging of beer here, there and everywhere we went and put our faith in a trusty Ford Transit.

It was immediately obvious that the Transit rocked. It was meeting our needs from day one (the engine starting without a single f-bomb was a new found luxury).

It was new…but it wasn’t Newstead.

It was a big, white van that was very big and too white. We needed to do something about that.

“Let’s make the van look like the ute!” was one idea. It stuck. Literally. Yep, thanks to some great photography and some tedious vinyl handiwork we managed to replicate the ute onto one side of our new van. We reckon it’s a fitting tribute to our once trusty Hilux and it will enable the legacy to live on.

That’s the driver’s side sorted but what about the other side, the passenger side, the near side? Well, we got that covered too. Not with a Hilux but with another type of dirty bogan beer truck…

With two sides covered we couldn’t ignore the back of the Transit. So that got some vinyl treatment too…

The latches at the top, the internal rubber seals and even the blue ratchet straps are all part of the imagery. We’re pretty happy with how it all came out. It cements the fact that we’re still very much driven by beer.

Darren Magin