These measures will stay in effect until the COVID is clear...

Newstead Brewing Co is a passion project. We certainly did not start this business to make a million bucks or to take over the world. We are a small family business, focused on community, our people and making damn tasty beer. We are committed to getting through this challenging time as best we can, to stay open as long as we can and serve the good people of Brisbane for all things BEER. We are committed to utilising all available resources, and open to all creative outcomes that will enable us to remain as open as we possibly can be.

We wanted to let you guys know what we are doing to make your Newstead experience as safe and enjoyable as possible during this time. It is incredibly imperative that we all continue to support local businesses but do so in a manner we are comfortable with. We currently employ 90 QLDers, who rely on you guys having a great experience every time you swing by.

So we have created a number of initiatives, outlined below, which will ensure we continue to operate in the most hygienic manner possible, and provide you guys with the same tasty beer you’ve always loved.


  • Our people are the most important resource we have. We have strict rules that staff showing any signs of flu-like symptoms are to stay at home.
  • We are constantly dis-infecting surfaces with eucalyptus and ethanol sanitiser.
  • All service staff are required to wash their hands on a half-hourly basis.


  • Click & Collect option begins this week. If you want to continue your Newstead experience at home, just jump on the website and order some self-isolated core range.
  • We are super excited to introduce this new capability with a special $30 4pk + pizza offer.
  • Free delivery for online carton purchases. If you live within 10km of the CBD, enjoy free delivery.


  • Hygiene is super imperative to us. Bins, tissues and tissue-bins have been set up.
  • Non-contact payment begins Wednesday 18th March. We will no longer be accepting cash, with EFTPOS/credit transactions only.
  • Kitchen prep will be restricted to thoroughly washed surfaces and gloved chefs.
  • Social co-isolation. We’ve got our Feng Shui on and stylised the venues for some anti-social, interaction-free dining. Tables and chairs will be separated by >1.5m.


  • We are cleaning down all brewing surfaces with 70% ethanol.
  • We have mandated glove wearing in the brewhouse and on the packaging line at ALL times.
  • We will no longer lick beer cartons.


• We are embarking on non-contact delivery drops to all wholesale customers.
• We are using paperless delivery options.

These measures will stay in effect until the COVID is clear.

Stay well.

Mark Howes

CEO, Newstead Brewing Co.