The Castlemaine St Build – Episode 4

It was the official launch party for Brewsvegas 2017.

Well, Thursday 9th March was a blast. What, wait…you weren’t there? Oh.

It was the official launch party for Brewsvegas 2017 which coincided with beers flowing through the lines of our 32 taps at 67 Castlemaine Street, Milton for the very first time. We opened. With a bang.

We smiled all night long. Smiling at smiling faces in the 300 strong crowd. Smiling at people enjoying themselves in our new joint.

Friday 10th was fun too (after the hangovers had subsided). Friday brought Broncos and Cowboys fans in for pre-game and after-game beers. A completely different crowd to the night before but the smiles were still the same. Beaming faces atop swathes of replica kits.

Saturday was Reds vs Crusaders. Talk about a baptism of fire! What had we let ourselves in for by opening our new pub on one of the busiest weekends in the 2017 Lang Park calendar?

Justin Bieber played to a screaming crowd on Monday 13th. Ok, so most of the Beliebers surrounding our property were too young to sit and appreciate a pre-gig 3 Quarter Time with the Newstead faithful but there were still smiles nonetheless…albeit predominantly pre-pubescent smiles graced with train-track braces.

If you were unfortunate enough to have missed out on our opening night, we captured some footage which you can have a squizz at below. We’ll see you soon?