Doggett St. Newstead

85 Doggett Street, Newstead, Queensland, Australia

Coffee from 6.30am Mon to Fri.
Venue open seven days a week (excl. Public Holidays), 12pm 'til late.

Our birthplace, our spiritual home. 85 Doggett Street is where it all began for us on a balmy night back in December 2013.


Our former 1940s bus depot still has the feel of its original beginnings as a simple steel warehouse. Sit and enjoy the vibe while sampling beers from 12 taps, an assortment of bottled and canned beers in the fridge, selected spirits or something from the wine list.

Perhaps you’re looking for that perfect lunch or dinner venue? We’re open from 10am until midnight, every day of the week (apart from Public Holidays) and offer an extensive menu – suited to every palate – that changes seasonally. We pay the same attention to detail to our food as we do with our beer. We source sustainable ingredients, support ethical producers and work as closely as possible with our local food network. We make a lot of things ourselves, from our hand-cut chips to our sauces, we’re big believers in the little things.

Download our menu below and, if you need to make a quick reservation, easy…click HERE!

Our food

Small Plates

SOURDOUGH w/ house dips, crudites & pickles
CROQUETTES w/ mushroom ragu, truffle aioli & rosemary salt
GRILLED SQUID w/ hummus, chipotle & lemon

Pizza (all bases are hand stretched)

CHICKEN w/ bacon, cherry tomato, red onion, Napoli & parsley
MUSHROOM w/ red onion, mozzarella & onion crème fraiche
MARGHERITA w/ basil, Napoli & mozzarella
SALAMI w/ Calabrese salami, cashew pesto, Byron Bay sopressa, Danish feta, olives, red onion & basil
SMOKED BRISKET w/ blue cheese, garlic confit, rocket & parmesan

To Share

SMOKED CAULIFLOWER whole or half w/ tahini, red chimmichurri & dukkah
22 / 14
CHARRED BROCCOLI w/ Coconut yoghurt, dill, pesto & house spices
FRENCH BEAN SALAD w/ Smoked almonds, red rice & fresh herbs
MISO EGGPLANT w/ Lemon, chili & fresh herb salad
HEIRLOOM CARROT SALAD w/ Tahini vinaigrette & sesame dukkah
SMOKED SHORT RIB w/ Bourbon glaze & creamed corn
FREE RANGE CHICKEN w/ Grilled stone fruit & fennel puree
LAMB RUMP w/ Carrot puree, charred broccoli & red chimmichurri


CHICKEN PARMIGIANA w/ Smoked mozzarella, house slaw & hand cut chips
BUFFALO WINGS w/ Free range organic chicken w/ blue cheese sauce
DRY RUB WINGS w/ ranch sauce
SMOKY GRILLED BEEF BURGER w/ Butter lettuce, tomato, American cheddar, house pickle, BBQ sauce & a side of chips
FRIED CHICKEN BURGER w/ Free range chicken thigh, house slaw, pickles, chipotle & a side of chips

For Little People

CHICKEN GOUJONS w/ chips & tomato sauce
BEEF BURGER w/ Tomato, cheese, chips & tomato sauce
CRUMBED FISH w/ chips & tomato sauce

Tea & Coffee

Teas & Coffee Supreme Coffees available from the bar
From 4.0
Download Menu

The original Newstead brewing kit at Doggett Street is a 12 Hectolitre (hL), two-vessel brewpub system manufactured by DME in Canada and China. We have two 12hL fermenters and two 24hL fermenters (or 144 kegs worth of fermentation space).

We also have five 12hL Bright Beer Tanks (BBT). Four of which are designed for service directly to the bar and one designated for kegging off.

We make just under 1500hL (that’s 150,000 litres) of beer per annum here.

Introducing our brewers…

Jarrett Bravo – A world traveller and resident vagabond, Jarrett melds a strong work ethic with creativity. Years working in hostels and hotels has garnered life experience and patience, matched to a love of the UK brewing style. Jarrett has applied himself superbly on both sides of the bar, becoming an important translator into the brewing world. After long stints at home-brewing, followed by self-directed assistant brewing Jarrett has stepped up to become the Senior Brewer here at the Doggett Street brewery.

Tim Goulding – Tim may be the world’s greatest dad but he’s also Newstead’s greatest flavourprenure. A man of principal and suspect musical choice, Tim personifies the axioms of Newstead Brewing Co. After years applying his passion of excellent coffee manufacture Tim became a purveyor of excellent beer at The Scratch bar. Home-brewing got serious and Australia’s highest rated Gypsy brand, Brewtal Brewing, was created. A hard worker, insufferably humble and understated, Tim dishes sage advice and sick burns in the same breath. You’ll see Tim high-fiving the other brewers at Doggett Street.

What’s on tap

As well as featuring our own beers we will always keep a couple of our 12 taps open to support our friends and bring unique craft beers to Brisbane.

We have a short list of interesting and intriguing wines from small producers all over the planet.

We also have a collection of craft spirits from around the globe, some of which will be featured in our cocktails. Just ask us.

CLICK HERE for an up-to-date tap list.