Castlemaine St. Milton

67 Castlemaine Street, Milton, Queensland, Australia

Breakfast & Coffee from 6.30am Mon to Fri.
Venue open seven days a week (excl. Public Holidays), 12pm 'til late.

In between a rock and a hard place in Milton sits our production brewery and pub. Opened in March 2017, 67 Castlemaine Street is the perfect alternative location. Are you game?

Chill out…

Open seven days a week (except for Public Holidays) our brewpub on Castlemaine Street has something for everybody. Food, drinks and good times. We have it all.

If it’s a quiet afternoon beer you’re looking for or a celebratory pint with your mates after the footie, we’ve got you covered.

Very big and very shiny. Lots of stuff to gawk at through mammoth-sized pieces of glass. Stare at the brewers mastering their craft…they can’t see you, it’s one-way glass…or is it?

Download our menu below and, if you need to make a quick reservation, easy…click HERE!

Our food

Small Plates

SOURDOUGH w/ house dips, crudites & pickles
CROQUETTES w/ mushroom ragu, truffle aioli & rosemary salt
GRILLED SQUID w/ hummus, chipotle & lemon

Pizza (all bases are hand stretched)

CHICKEN w/ bacon, cherry tomato, red onion, Napoli & parsley
MUSHROOM w/ red onion, mozzarella & onion crème fraiche
MARGHERITA w/ basil, Napoli & mozzarella
SALAMI w/ Calabrese salami, cashew pesto, Byron Bay sopressa, Danish feta, olives, red onion & basil
SMOKED BRISKET w/ blue cheese, garlic confit, rocket & parmesan

To Share

SMOKED CAULIFLOWER whole or half w/ tahini, red chimmichurri & dukkah
22 / 14
CHARRED BROCCOLI w/ Coconut yoghurt, dill, pesto & house spices
FRENCH BEAN SALAD w/ Smoked almonds, red rice & fresh herbs
MISO EGGPLANT w/ Lemon, chili & fresh herb salad
HEIRLOOM CARROT SALAD w/ Tahini vinaigrette & sesame dukkah
SMOKED SHORT RIB w/ Bourbon glaze & creamed corn
FREE RANGE CHICKEN w/ Grilled stone fruit & fennel puree
LAMB RUMP w/ Carrot puree, charred broccoli & red chimmichurri


CHICKEN PARMIGIANA w/ Smoked mozzarella, house slaw & hand cut chips
BUFFALO WINGS w/ Free range organic chicken w/ blue cheese sauce
DRY RUB WINGS w/ ranch sauce
SMOKY GRILLED BEEF BURGER w/ Butter lettuce, tomato, American cheddar, house pickle, BBQ sauce
FRIED CHICKEN BURGER w/ Free range chicken thigh, house slaw, pickles & chipotle

For Little People

CHICKEN GOUJONS w/ chips & tomato sauce
BEEF BURGER w/ Tomato, cheese, chips & tomato sauce
CRUMBED FISH w/ chips & tomato sauce

Tea & Coffee

Teas & Coffee Supreme Coffees available from the bar
From 4.0

Newstead at Milton brings the efficiency of a 50 Hectolitre (hL), four-vessel DME brewhouse in line with our dedication to experimentation and exemplified by toys such as an 800L Hopback, a Hop Doser and an 80 can per minute Cask canning line. Each brew is 5000L, with a series of 5000 and 10000L fermenters in the carpark – capable of producing 1.4 million litres of beer per annum.

A sophisticated level of automation allows the brewers to ramp up production while still being intimately involved in every detail of the brew. Our focus is fresh, tasty and locally made beer, right in the heart of Brisbane.

Our brew crew is bursting with energy and ideas from lots of perspectives…

Simeon Bonetti – In conjunction with an excellent brewing pedigree Sim is also an excellent human. Passionate about social justice, equality and encouraging everyone to enjoy good beer, Sim has a knack for challenging expectations while making you feel at ease. Previous roles as Head Brewer for Brisbane Brewing Co and store man at Brewer’s Choice place him in excellent stead as Head Brewer at our Milton plant. An award-winning brewer, Sim’s value lies in his huge heart and desire to push the boundaries of flavour and process.

Joe Clarke – You’ve probably seen Joe kick flipping over fermenters or parkouring through lauter-tuns. Completely dedicated to every task he sets himself; Joe combines a passion for all things brewing, including coffee, with exceptional hard work. Forever patient and unfazed, he never cuts corners and gives every process from mash in to packaging his utmost focus. He believes brewers have been given the opportunity to create a product that is the materialisation of their passion and research – so we should aim to do it properly, constantly applying new learnings and finessing practises.

Rob Skeat – the one brewer we all look up to, Rob may have his head in the clouds, but only literally. Previously at 4 Hearts and stints around Germany, Rob is genuine, knowledgeable and insightful. Voted the most likely to spontaneously snap in half, Rob is dedicated to harnessing the best possible product conceivable. Not afraid to speak his mind but always with respect and empathy, Rob’s heart is as tall as his, well, heart.

Luke Monks – process meets passion, Luke brings a wealth of brewing knowledge from a recent stint at 4 Pines in Sydney. With a degree in Chemical Engineering, Luke has exceptional skills in measuring and control, and brings a practical mindset to the big rig at Milton. A fan of caps yes, but you can’t put a ceiling on this guy. He’s just as at ease calculating efficiencies as chucking in bucket-loads of new hop varietals.

Denholm Brockley – creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated, Denholm personifies the new wave of young brewers sweeping the Nation. Eager to learn, develop his brewing talents and delve into the nitty gritty of packaging and filtration, Denholm has quickly become a key part of the team. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of brewing concepts and fermentation he is in good stead to grow personally and professionally into the potential that we can all see in him.

Quentin McKelvey – Quentin loves travelling and experiencing fresh local brews. Although his background is in large manufacturing operations, such as Heinz/Watties, Unilever and Arnotts, he’s a genuinely good bloke, for a kiwi. A massive beer enthusiast, he enjoys everything; from a simply good IPA, to any sort of “bretted” beer to Imperial Stouts. Passionate about all things beer, including brewing, production, manufacturing and the industry as a whole, Quen is a highly valued member of the Milton brewing team.

Nikita Dillon – Dedicated and hardworking, Nikki is patient, calm and logical in her problem-solving. Quick with a hello and always ready to get into some gritty work, she’s self-taught and highly motivated. Focused on producing the best product possible, Nikki is open minded and a keen brewer, with a love of well made, balanced beers.

What’s on tap

With a total of 32 draught beer taps across three bars always pouring a combination of our own beers as well some delightful guest beers, there’s truly something for everyone.

Look out for our limited release special batches, collaborations and seasonals.

CLICK HERE for an up-to-date tap list.