Seasonal Releases

Twice every season we brew a seasonal lager as well as a yeast driven seasonal beer to highlight the characteristics and diversity of yeast.
'Tis the season and all that.

Spring Lager



Steeling yourself for the big dry? Then this hoppy Pilsner will spark your interest. Using Motueka, Citra and Hallertau hops, we have crafted a citrusy, dry, refreshing Pilsner for the spring.
Clean out your palates and have another.

Available: Spring

  • Citrus

    ABV 5.2%

  • Dry

    IBU 38

  • Cleanse

    EBC 4

Spring Yeast Inspired

The Belmont


Belgian saison yeast is the hero here, producing bucket loads of esters, giving bubblegum, peach and pear character. We combined this traditional farmhouse style with modern citrusy hops for extra fruitiness. What results is a light, refreshing and tart spring saison. Sacre Bleu.

Available: Spring

  • Farmhouse

    ABV 5.8%

  • Modern

    IBU 19

  • Light

    EBC 5

Summer Lager

Cyclone Season


Using all German malts, Pilsner, Munich, Vienna & Carapils the malt complexity and sweetness is there to balance the Hallertau, Tettnang and Saaz additions in the whirlpool & dry hop. It’s a modern interpretation of a classic style, being minerally & hoppy, it’s refreshing & perfect for 400% humidity. Sunburnt, dusty, parched? No need to anticipate that afternoon relief to roll in.

Available: Summer

  • Complex

    ABV 5.8%

  • Zing

    IBU 24

  • Sweet

    EBC 8

Summer Yeast Inspired

The Nundah

German Hefeweizen

This traditional German wheat beer is a banana fest with hints of clove and finishing with a citric tartness. Fermented at the pulse racing temperature of 27 degrees, we aimed to overload ester production and that’s just what we got. Banana, bubblegum and a trace of peach. Prost.

Available: Summer

  • Banana

    ABV 5.0%

  • Cloves

    IBU 18

  • Peach

    EBC 5

Autumn Lager

Drought Relief

Red Lager

We built a big toasty malt profile over a crisp lager base to give this beer complexity without bravado. Big flavours up front give way to calm smoothness and a clean finish, just so you can have another, no matter what the weather’s up to outside.

Available: Autumn

  • Crisp

    ABV 5.1%

  • Smooth

    IBU 28

  • Sodden

    EBC 29

Autumn Yeast Inspired



Yeast from northern England was used for its characteristic peach & pear ester profile. A spicy malt backbone of rye, caramel rye & biscuit sets the scene. Subtle hints of marmalade & stone fruit from East Kent Goldings hops adds that little bit of extra ‘English’, that no one asked for. What results is a smooth Bitter, one to really savour.

Available: Autumn

  • English

    ABV 5.8%

  • Smooth

    IBU 36

  • Rye

    EBC 48

Winter Lager



Looks can be deceiving. Black with toasty flavours and hints of coffee and chocolate, give way to a clean, crisp and dry finish. Magnum and Hallertau hops provide spice and mint, balanced by pilsner, crystal and biscuit malts. An old European style lager with modern interpretation, this one is a genuine stayer.

Available: Winter

  • Toasty

    ABV 5.3%

  • Dry

    IBU 25

  • Darkness

    EBC 74

Winter Yeast Inspired



Keep the faith as you delve between the headstones of yesteryear. Heritage by day, confusion by night, this Dubbel lives in both worlds. The ubiquitous Belgian candi sugar character is balanced by hop bitterness. This is our winter offering of yeast character inspired beers.

Available: Winter

  • Bold

    ABV 8.5%

  • Candi

    IBU 36

  • Fruits

    EBC 52

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