Seasonal Releases

Every season we brew a seasonal lager. 'Tis the season and all that.

Spring Lager


Pilsner (5.5%)

Fresh, tangy and revitalising, what better way to celebrate the return to warmth than a new world pilsner? Tinderbox combines NZ tropical and citrus hop characters with old world earth and spice, all set within a subtle, pale malt base. Like a perfect Spring day, this pilsner is clean, crisp and sharp with just a touch of belligerent magpie. Spring has sprung.

Available: Spring

Summer Lager

Cyclone Season

Dortmunder (4.9%)

Clean, clear and crisp, this is a summer lager for a sunburnt country. This 2018/19 version combines a classic Dortmunder water profile with fresh, noble hop character, delivered on a pale malt base. Aromas of mint, herbs & grapes combine with cereal, peppery & grassy flavours, with a dry kick to finish it off. Lightning always strikes twice.

Available: Summer

Autumn Lager

Drought Relief

Red Lager (6.5%)

Our lagers may be much more distinct than our seasons, but that dry, clean and crisp thing remains consistent throughout. Amber from the toasted malts combine with caramel sweetness and a rich body. Punch from the American hops provide a citrus, stone-fruit and resinous face-whack. Our 2019 Autumn lager is larger than previous iterations.

Available: Autumn

Winter Lager


Schwarzbier (4.9%)

Westerlies perfectly captures the season in Queensland. Dark malts provide a warmth of palate but lead to a surprisingly clean, dry and crisp finish. We have dialed back the black malts, to round out the finish and let the subtle roasted malt character combine with the noble hop spice and dry finish.

Available: Winter

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