Our Core Range

100% Brisbane brewed, our core range of six beers and a cider offer a little bit of something for a lot of people. Oh, and they're available in cans too.

Golden Lager

Things aren’t always what they seem. This fruity devil may appear straight faced but it’ll sneak up on you for all you’re worth. A dry, pale and wheat malt base sets the scene for edgy, citrus and tropical hops. Its refreshing and easy drinking nature belies the full strength. Just make sure you get home in one piece.

Do what you’re gonna do.

Apple Cider

100% fermented apples, our cider still manages to cram in a little sophistication. Rustic and dry, made in the traditional fashion, Johnno is as at home in the granite belt as he is in the urbane jungle, balancing sweetness with acidity.


Session Ale

As proud Queenslanders making a tasty middie is our highest priority. Smooth malts, fresh hops and that pitch perfect “ahhh”. All proper ingredients, no corners cut, honest and brutal. Our southern cousins may think we are simple and they’re bang on. Mate, relax, this is Queensland.

Now, get back out there.


20 odd feet sounds intense. However, while this underwater specimen is loaded with chocolate, caramel and coffee flavours, it lacks that heavy, sinking feeling. Malted and rolled oats add buoyancy, while the hops ripple in the background. It’s a smooth drinker that will leave you naval gazing on the grassy banks of the Brissie Brown.

Get in. Now.

India Pale Ale

Little brings more satisfaction than beating yanks at their own game. Pale, biscuit and caramel malts add Australian stubbornness to a classic, overbearing U.S. hop bill. Proving that we can make a strategic alliance work when it suits, this bilateral ale is all Aussie at heart.

Next stop: The Valley!

Amber Ale

Sweet, seductive and sophisticated are all superlatives that make no sense when describing beer. Pale, caramel, biscuit and chocolate malts make this some sexy beer nectar though. English hops give a marmalade and earthy spice with just a touch of peppery bitterness. Always at full bloom.

Definitely not a mango.

Pale Ale

The classics are that for a reason. Like its punchy forefathers, this American style Pale Ale is defined by citrus, pine and tropical hop characters. Pale and toasted malts provide a solid base that lets the hops do the talking — and avoid a potential conflict.

Watch your step folks.

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