Small Batches & Collaborations

Every now and then we release one-off, small batch, limited release beers. We also like to collaborate with like-minded souls - it's part of our DNA. Grab one while you can. They never last long.

May 2018

A Long Story

Wheat Strong Ale

Building the longest cantilevered bridge in Australia and building straight into a cliff face is a daunting task for even the most daring of Bradfields. A feat of Brisbane ingenuity and guts, in the midst of the Great Depression, The Story Bridge is the bold and striking big brother of the Brisbane riverscape.

Many Brewers would consider using 100% wheat malt a dumb choice, and they’re not wrong. We even broke the lauter tun and had to shut down production for a few days. Friendships were tested, limits were pushed but what resulted is something truly unique. We even chucked it in some Old Forester bourbon barrels for good measure. Its a cacophony of oak, vanilla, raisins, chocolate and coconut.

Available: May 2018.

  • Strong

    ABV 7.2%

  • Barrel

    IBU 18

  • Bourbon

    EBC 79

May 2018


Barrel Fermented Double Red Ale

A complex labyrinth of both processing and flavour, this huge, 9.2%, barrel fermented Double Red is the biggest release from Newstead in 2018. Rich and complex, this really is a cacophony of flavours. Burnt caramel, chocolate and tropical hop character dominate the aroma, with hints of vanilla and coconut from the barrel. Flavours of caramelised fruits, glazed cherries, caramel, hints of coffee and an oaky character are all entwined with an alcohol warmth.

A first run through fresh wine barrels, it had to be big to counter the fresh oak character. All big flavours, but somehow they work together. This one’s a sipper, or one to entrap the Goblin King.

Available: May 2018

  • Goblin

    ABV 9.2%

  • Barrel

    IBU 23

  • Oaky

    EBC 56

May 2018

Jibba Jaffa IPA

Jaffa IPA

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A(ether)-Team…

With no Bad Attitude, we welcomed the Amyable soldiers of fortune from Aether Brewing in to brew something a bit different. Pity the fools. We Hannibalised and Murdocktored our original concepts and saved Face with this Jaffa inspired IPA.

With a solid malt base of Biscuit, Munich2, Carahell and Pale this IPA – with hints of orange and chocolate – was always going to test the very best of any crack commando unit. We used 3kg of Cacau Nibs, 2kg of cocoa powder and 1.5kg of orange zest in the boil with Cascade and Citra hops during whirlpool. Citra lupulin powder was used as a dry hop to accentuate the citrusy orange. Finally, 1kg of molasses was used during ferment. We love it when a plan comes together.

Available: May 2018

  • Jaffa

    ABV 7.4%

  • Mr T

    IBU 35

  • Cacau

    EBC 27

May 2018

The Alley Cat

American Hemp Brown Ale

It’s widely appreciated that hemp seeds boast a crazy amount of good (it’s the most nutritionally complete food source on the planet), so we figured a wholesome brown ale including toasted hemp seeds and hemp powder would be just the ticket.

Don’t have kittens, we combined eight different malts in creating this American Brown Ale then hopped it with Mosaic, Cascade & Chinook for something litter-alley a bit special.

We like a tall tail, so if you’re feline a bit thirsty, pounce on The Alley Cat right meow.

Available: May 2018.

  • Hemp

    ABV 6.8%

  • Meow

    IBU 12

  • Litter

    EBC 63

April 2018

Digger’s Breakfast

Oatmeal Session Ale

What’s better than a breakfast beer? Nothing. That’s why this an Oatmeal Session Ale is a real cereal killer.

Two types of oats give sweetness, smoothness and haze which are backed up by a solid dose of Falconers Flight hops.

Released in time for ANZAC Day 2018 with a percentage of sales being donated to RSL QLD.

Available: April 2018.

  • Oats

    ABV 3.7%

  • Digger

    IBU 12

  • Haze

    EBC 10

April 2018

Sour Expat

Guava & Passionfruit Kettle Sour

You can take the brewer out of Brisbane but you can’t take the lactobacillus out of the brewer.

Brisbane’s greatest brewery export, Paul Wyman, has been busy setting up a new brewpub in the middle of Nowhere. With the Nowhereman beers already kicking goals, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the hard earned success of a good mate than to craft a tropical kettle sour, fit for the subtopics.

An extra pale and wheat malt base, with galaxy and mosaic hops, set the scene for a tangy kettle sour. Lip smacking with a pH3.5 from a few lactobacillus strains, we added passionfruit and guava for an extra tropical zing. It’s tart and fruity, with an added splash of Brisbane in every mouthful.

Available: April 2018

  • Guava

    ABV 6.7%

  • Sour

    IBU 25

  • Nowhere

    EBC 19

April 2018

Mad Mac’s Disco

Scotch Ale

It doesn’t take a brave heart to run riot through the Australian desert but it sure does to celebrate fundamental rights in the face of a belligerent majority.

Like a bogan is to a Ned, this is an Aussie take on a Scottish institution. A malt driven Scotch Ale, the first thing you notice is the deep auburn colour and red highlights. The aroma is sweet, with dark fruits, toffee and chocolate evident, followed by flavours of raisins, dark fruits and burnt caramel.

It finishes smooth and malty sweet but not filling, tempting you into another pint, like a good Scot.

Available: April 2018.

  • Mad

    ABV 6.5%

  • Brave

    IBU 18

  • Scotch

    EBC 21

April 2018

Fresh Eleanor

Harvest Ale

It doesn’t take a university graduate to realise there are many ways to build a bridge. With solar powered lighting and access only to pedestrians and public transport, the Eleanor Schonell or “Green Bridge” is a young but loved addition to the Brisbane riverscape. Like its namesake, this fresh hop ale is a unique yarn on a classic tale. Simple, natural and socially conscious.

Hop harvest comes but once a year; you can tell as brewers around the country huddle in corners, whispering sweet nothings to handfuls of suspicious, sticky cones. In 2018 two Newstead Brewers flew down to the Australian hop fields, picked up 100kg of fresh hops and drove back to the brewery in 28 hours. We used a super pale malt bill, fermented clean with neutral yeast, allowing the fresh hops to tell their story.

Hops nature’s way, get over it.

Available: April 2018.

  • Fresh

    ABV 5.5%

  • Wet

    IBU 25

  • Green

    EBC 19

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