Small Batches & Collaborations

Every now and then we release one-off, small batch, limited release beers. We also like to collaborate with like-minded souls - it's part of our DNA. Grab one while you can. They never last long.

February 2017

The Zoo v5.0

Wild Corn Ale

Welcome to the Newstead menagerie…

Bottle dregs collected from Jester King, Boon, Orval, Timmermans, Lindemans, 3 Fonteinen and a few others were used to breed our own mixed culture.

For Zoo v5.0 we brewed up a single hop Waimea corn ale with 40% flaked corn and barrel fermented it in our Zoo Project barrels for four months with the mixed culture.

What resulted was a barely controlled, wild fruit bomb; light and bitter.

Available: February 2018.

  • Wild

    ABV 7.8%

  • Fruit

    IBU 34

  • Corny

    EBC 28

December 2017

The Love In

Double IPA

Christmas – a time to embrace your friends and family…and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Newstead brewers past and present gathered for The Love In.

Evan Goulden (Newstead), Gavin Croft (Archer Brewing), Jarrett Bravo (Newstead/Bravo Brewing) and Tim Goulding (Newstead/Brewtal Brewers) all mucked in for this deliciously resinous IPA at the double.

A celebration of friends. A celebration of our community and a celebration of Christmas.

Get In.

Available: December 2017.

  • Double

    ABV 8.5%

  • Resinous

    IBU 36

  • Love

    EBC 39

December 2017

One Down

Australian Summer Ale

We welcomed Chapel Hill’s finest bar-stewards to help brew this beer to commemorate and celebrate their first birthday. Of course, we’re referring to Suburban Social.

This Australian Summer Ale couldn’t be more Aussie – boasting the inclusion of quangdong and wattleseed in the brew.

Once you’ve knocked One Down you’ll want to knock over another.

Happy Birthday Suburban Social. One Down…many more to come.

Available: December 2017.

  • Subtle

    ABV 5.4%

  • Fruity

    IBU 20

  • Summer

    EBC 22

November 2017

Multi-Grain Mongrel

Five Grain IPA

The ‘best laid plans’ cliche was chucked out the window (as there were none) and, in true Newstead fashion, we began what can only be described as making it up on the spot.

Our grain store was promptly ransacked for whatever we had laying around. We found barley, wheat, rye, rice and oats…and so our Multi-grain Mongrel Five Grain IPA was born.

Hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Idaho7 this 7.0% pup hides its bite well and will instantly become your best friend.

No barking up the wrong tree, let this mongrel off the leash.

Brewed with our pals from 4 Hearts Brewing.

Available: November 2017.

  • Woof

    ABV 7.0%

  • Bite

    IBU 36

  • Pat

    EBC 29

November 2017

The Zoo v4.0

Wild Porter

Welcome to the Newstead menagerie. Bottle dregs collected from Jester King, Boon, Orval, Timmermans, Lindemans, 3 Fonteinen and a few others were used to breed our own mixed culture. We then took our 21 feet 7 inches Porter, beefed it up so we would hit mid 7 ABV, chucked it in Shiraz and Chardonnay barrels, inoculated with the mixed culture and let the beast ferment for three months.

What resulted was a barely controlled, wild conglomerate of funk, spice and tannins. Version four sees the shiraz and chardonnay barrels blended to give a bit of brett, a bit of lacto, and a bit of pedio.

It’s smooth, full bodied, with roast and chocolate malts to help bring balance to the fourth coming of The Zoo.

Available: November 2017.

  • Wild

    ABV 7.6%

  • Funk

    IBU 25

  • Black

    EBC 120

October 2017

Ooh Aah

Vanilla Hibiscus Pale Ale

Ooh, Aah, Glenn McGrath! or so the chant goes.

Those with good length or a hawk-eye will remember this beer from our 2016 Brewsvegas event, Beer Sheila. This reincarnation has a stand-out pink tinge and floral aromas thanks to the inclusion of dried hibiscus flowers in the brew. The addition of vanilla bean pods rounds out the innings with a slight sweetness and a full toss of Mosaic and Centennial hops will bowl a maiden over with a fruity citrus reverse sweep.

Hit ‘em for six – proceeds from our karma keg events will go towards the Glenn McGrath foundation to support Breast Care in communities around Australia.

Don’t be the nightwatchman.

Available: October 2017

  • Tinge

    ABV 5.2%

  • Floral

    IBU 27

  • Pink

    EBC 12

October 2017


Spiced Pumpkin Amber Ale

Collaborating is our thing.

When Newstead, Brewtal Brewers and Netherworld collide…

Nothing to be scared of – this spiced pumpkin amber ale will not scare you as much as the decal. Brewed for Netherworld’s Monster Menagerie Beer Festival.

Available: October 2017

  • Scary

    ABV 6.8%

  • Monster

    IBU 26

  • Amber

    EBC 38

September 2017

Smashed Watermelon

Watermelon Wheat Ale

‘Fun, light-hearted and spritzy’…superlatives contrary to our friendship with White Lies Brewing.

To personify our unrequited affection for our fellow Brisbane brewers, we took a light and dry wheat base and overlaid it with tropical hops and caramelised watermelon. Over 120kg of watermelon was painstakingly pureed and reduced to capture the taste of Brisbane in a beer.

What results is a light, refreshing and dangerously smashable watermelon wheat.

Available: September 2017

  • Tropical

    ABV 5.6%

  • Wheat

    IBU 22

  • Smashing

    EBC 10

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