NEWS: Announcing Our Partnership with QRU

Proudly the Official Craft Beer Partner of the QRU...

Sport and beer. A ubiquitous partnership that encapsulates much of the collective Australian psyche; love of the outdoors, tribalism, banter, team-work and a pervasive but unspoken sense of pride. Rugby, even more so, has been well entrenched within the Howes family passion for decades. A poor loose forward, I was far better at complaining to the referee than passing a footy, but I never let that hold me back from expressing my opinion on how elite athletes could be better. I was lucky enough to attend one of Brisbane’s premier rugby high-schools and remember fondly mucking about with mates at Ballymore derbies in the 90’s. My family has toured every Rugby World Cup since 2003 and I, personally, have been a Queensland Reds member for over 14 years. Anyone who sat through the Reds season of 2007 and renewed their membership for 2008 can only be described as a die-hard fan.

I am ecstatic to announce today a partnership between Newstead Brewing Co., and Queensland Rugby Union. To have my two life passions, great beer and great rugby, forming a relationship that will get the public excited and engaged about home grown talent is a privilege beyond expectations.

Richard Barker, CEO, QRU with Mark Howes, CEO, NBCo (photo: Brendan Hertel, QRU)

Newstead prides itself on two facets; making great beer and being a fundamental part of Brisbane and Queensland. We are unabashedly vocal about the virtues of our great State and City and Queensland Rugby is a fantastic example of the excellence within our realm. To play a role in promoting the Game Played in Heaven within the state that has unequivocally produced the greatest players provides Newstead with an elated sense of focus. We look forward to supporting Queensland Rugby Union this year and to an ongoing relationship that will see great beer and great rugby more accessible to the good people of Queensland.

Newstead Brewing Co., becomes the Official Craft Beer Partner of the Queensland Rugby Union in 2018. This will see Newstead with exclusive rights to pourage at all Ballymore fixtures, during National Rugby Championship home games for Brisbane City and Queensland Country, and ongoing presence at Brisbane Premier Rugby club games and throughout the urban rugby clubs of Brisbane. Furthermore, we are also partnering with Queensland Rugby Union to create a Ballymore Beer, with unique package, available at Ballymore, clubs at all levels, our breweries and selected retailers. This is an exciting phase for Newstead Brewing Co., one that synthesises much of our small family business ethos, community engagement and pursuit of excellence. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship between Newstead and the QRU and a lot of fun, banter and Queensland spirit along the way.

Come and have a beer with us tonight at Ballymore as we celebrate our win and hopefully cheer the boys on to a win of their own over the Fiji Warriors. Tickets available HERE.

Mark Howes, CEO, Newstead Brewing Co.