Doggett Street, Newstead

Our birthplace, our spiritual home. 85 Doggett Street is where it all began for us on a balmy night back in December 2013…

As well as our own beers we will always keep a couple of taps open to support our friends and bring unique craft beers to Brisbane.

We have a short list of interesting and intriguing wines from small producers all over the planet.

We also have a collection of craft spirits from around the globe, some of which will be featured in our cocktails. Just ask us.

What’s on tap at 85 Doggett Street?

Lots of taps. Lots of beer. This is what’s pouring across all 12 of our taps.

Johnno Cider

ABV 6.5%

3 Quarter Time Session Ale

ABV 3.4%

IBU 36 • EBC 11

The Mayne Thing Golden

ABV 5.1%

IBU 32 • EBC 9

Liquidambar Amber Ale

ABV 5.0%

IBU 37 • EBC 52

Two to the Valley IPA

ABV 6.4%

IBU 79 • EBC 21

21 Feet 7 inches Porter

ABV 5.2%

IBU 54 • EBC 120

Fat Charmer Double Red Ale

ABV 8.5%

Black Tragic Black IPA

ABV 7.1%

Toowong Dubbel

ABV 8.5%

Mojito IPA

ABV 6.6%

Astra Single Hop IPA

ABV 7.2%

Biscuit Blast

ABV 3.0%


Beer in Bottles

There’s nothing like sitting in a pub, enjoying a beer that you know was made right there. Except maybe taking it home. OK, it’s not quite the same, but it’s better than going home empty-handed, right? You can call into Newstead and take home the beer you used to queue up for. Our core range of beers are available in refillable 1.9L growlers and 950mL squealers – straight from the tap – as well as pre-packaged 330ml bottles.

The Gift of Beer

Need to buy that special someone a special something? Merchandise, gift vouchers, beer tasting experiences and brewery tours available – just ask. Call us on (07) 3367 0490 for more details.

Newstead Brewing Co operates a DME, 12 hectolitre, 2-vessel brew house that was imported from Canada, as used by Stone & Wood, Mountain Goat, Feral and 4 Pines. Four conical unitanks are used for fermentation and five bright beer tanks for service to the bar and kegging.

We use premium malt from around the globe, stupidly clean water, adjusted with brewing salts, robust yeast with clean flavour profiles and fresh new world hops. We only brew all grain, all natural beers, nothing bogus here.