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Up until recently, whenever there’s a tap change at the bar some poor bugger gets to climb a step ladder to change our chalk board beer menu. It’s not just that it was daunting because 9 times out of 10 whoever ascends the steps to scribble ends up writing at a ridiculous angle. We’ve all done it – thinking we’re writing in a straight and then standing back to glance in horror as the words curve in a different direction with a mind of their own. Try doing it with an audience. It’s not much fun.

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Fast forward to last week when we employed the use of 12 new slats of wood, a drill, 24 brass hooks and the amazing talent of local artist, Emily Barnwell.

Within a few hours – and after some carefully placed holes and some tender lovin’ art creation – the bar had earned itself a new giant beer menu with easy-off interchangeable slats. These days as soon as the tap line-up changes all it takes is the quick removal of the relevant slat, a wipe and the newly tapped beer squiggled on…we’re back in business.

Emily’s crafty hands were also responsible for the creation of two more boards now hanging behind the bar.

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Barn well? We can’t say. But Emily sure as heck draws well. Cheers Ems!