Chefs Lunch Special #27

w/c 16th November 2015. Being plated for our $10 chefs luncheon special this week is BBQ pork ribs with beetroot and watermelon salad. Usual rules apply - Monday to Thursday, midday til 3pm.


Lager is dead, long live lager

Anecdotally, there appears to be an inverse correlation between the rise of craft beer and interest in lager, or indeed anything unfortunate enough to be attributed to the lager moniker. India Pale Lagers, whilst annoyingly nonsensical, sparked a subtle revival that has somewhat spluttered and faded.


Chefs Lunch Special #26

w/c 9th November 2015. You’ve not tried one of our $10 chefs lunch specials yet? Well, don't be a spud. Come down and turn over a new leaf this week with a chicken, bacon and potato salad with Persian feta. Available Monday – Thursday, 12 – 3pm.