Out & a Bout with Dan

We’re stoked to announce that Woolworths have taken on Out & a Bout Pale Ale throughout their Dan Murphy’s stores across Queensland. It will also appear along with The Mayne Thing Golden Ale at 19 Brisbane metro BWS stores.


Board Games

Up until recently, whenever there’s a tap change at the bar some poor bugger gets to climb a step ladder to change our chalk board beer menu. It’s not just that it was daunting because 9 times out of 10 whoever ascends the steps to scribble ends up writing at a ridiculous angle.


2015 CBIA Awards

A few weeks ago we travelled down to the second annual Craft Beer Awards (CBA) hosted by the Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA) in Sydney. We’re not big on shouting about awards or patting ourselves on the back – not just because we can’t reach. We like to let our beer do the talking and if people like it then great.