3 Quarter Time Session Ale T-shirt

We recently decided that the Time was right to release a new t-shirt into our range with 3 Quarter Time Session Ale as the next Newstead Brewing Co beer to appear as cloth. To celebrate the beer’s recent CBA trophy win perhaps? Nope, it’s purely coincidental but if it looks like a stroke of marketing genius we’re OK with that.

We created two mock-ups of the shirt initially and they caused a bit of a stir at the brewery with some staff favouring a sand coloured shirt with purple print as it reflected a similar colour scheme to the 3 Quarter Time Session Ale bottle label and tap decal. Others were keen to see a purple shirt go into full production. It was 50/50.

We opted to put it out there and have some fun with it by running a Facebook poll with an added incentive…every person voting would be entered into a draw to win 3 Quarters of their body weight in beer. Beer is everybody’s friend but it was still amazing to witness more than 400 votes come in. What took us by surprise was the split – the purple shirt option romped home with 85% of the votes.

Felicity McNaught (pictured) was pulled at random from the proverbial hat. Well, her name was.

Felicity scooped two and a half cartons for taking part – the equivalent of 3 Quarters of her body weight. Fortunately for us she’s a petite young lady (phew!). Fortunately for her she had voted ‘purple’ in the poll so she scored a t-shirt too for being a good sport..and we reckon she rocks the shirt very well indeed.

Our new 3 Quarter Time Session Ale t-shirt is available NOW at our online store and of course at the brewery.

Thanks to everybody that voted.